Welcome to Chasing Chutney

Making preserves is about more than having delicious jams and jellies- in a way, it preserves a snippet of time too- that warm summer day when the peaches were ripe, the days were long and the kids ran throwing handfuls of sand at one another.  Chasing Chutney is the blog of two friends who, starting in 2011, took up canning as a way to make unique gifts for family members and friends and also make tasty things we could enjoy ourselves when the February blahs set in.  Since that time we’ve had many successes, and probably, if we’re being totally honest with you, reader, an equal number of hilarious and devastating failures. We wanted to start this blog to chronicle our adventures in canning, home preservation and making homemade gifts – to help us to preserve the memories of  our triumphs and failures and share with you a little taste of our lives.

Please bear with us as we delve into the world of blogging.